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Success Story, May 2006
Dear Suesan:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I was one of the fortunate recipients of your exercise program via Bob Miller.
Although I enjoyed it thoroughly, like most people who do not exercise on a regular basis I did not keep it up.
Needless to say I went from bad to worse (from a size 10 to an 18-Yikes!).
Well, I am happy to say just five short months ago I faithfully started your program once again and am exercising regularly and determined to get in shape for good.
Well, I am happy to report I have come down from an 18 to squeezing into an 8.
My goal is to fit neatly into a size 6 (with plenty of room, to spare:-).
Once again I just wanted you to know how much I love your program.

Heather McBride from the "Big Apple"

P.S. I will be looking out for "Part Two"-(smile)

Years of Fitness with Suesan, January 29, 2004

Reviewer: Elizabeth Cortez from Austin, TX United States I first stumbled across Suesan's tone-up work-out 11 years ago while living in Santa Barbara. I attended her tone-up class at a local gym approximately 3 times a week. As a result of the class, I noticed remarkable improvements in muscle definition and muscle strengthening. The work-out was unlike any other one I had ever done, and the results were fabulous! As it came time for me to move away from Santa Barbara, I could not leave Suesan's methods behind. I eagerly purchased a video tape from her and continued her methods in the privacy of my own home in Texas. For the past several years, Suesan has been a regular part of my weekly work-out routine; hence, you can only imagine how distraught I was this morning to discover that my VCR had shredded my video tape. Luckily, I was able to find Suesan's products online and ordered my updated DVD version today! I look forward to many more years of exercise with Suesan. Thank you Suesan for your innovative approach to muscle toning!
Reviewer: Harry R. Miller from Scarsdale, NY United States I tried this workout routine on the advice of a friend and was/am pleasantly surprised with the results. As a late 40s man who has always stayed in shape with aerobic exercise and weights, I found the Tone-Up workout enhances my other activity, giving me improved energy, muscle definition, balance/equilibrium, and physical confidence. The routine was particularly useful in helping me identify and correct problems in posture and flexibility as I recovered from knee surgery. Of particular appeal to this DVD are 1)the encouraging, non-stressful approach of creator Suesan (even as she performs the routine with you) and 2)finding you scarcely need more equipment than a chair and some light weights (which your wife or girlfriend probably has laying around. Guys: show these women you too can be your best body. You will notice the changes and they will too.

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